Weekend Art of Feminine Presence™ Class

Weekend Art of Feminine Presence™ Class - Learn 1) The Essential Practices 2) The Feminine Presence Meditation™ (Supports moving feminine energy through your body; 3) Safe Witnessing (direct attention comfort exercises).

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Weekend Art of Feminine Presence™ Class

The Art of Feminine Presence™ teaches women to be seen and heard in a way that is powerful and feminine and supports them in a community of other women who are stepping into this courageous place as well.

For decades we have been talking about the lack of women’s presence in the world, and we have made many positive steps towards lifting more women into power. The problem remains that we have not yet adequately questioned the very definition of power itself. 

The Art of Feminine Presence™ helps us redefine what it is to be an empowered feminine woman.


The classes/Intensives consist of 3 main components, which are described below.

1) The 44 Practices

There are 44 unique practices. In each class, you will explore and embody one of these. In a 1-day or weekend intensive, there will be time to explore and embody a lot more. The practices include:

Physical movements that cultivate feminine energy.  

Body awareness practices that help women “be at home” in their bodies—no matter what stress is occurring around them. 

Energetic practices that spark an instant expansion of a woman’s personal presence and radiance.  

Deep questioning of how we relate to our femininity, sensuality, 

and sexuality. 

2) The Feminine Presence Meditation™

This meditative movement practice is an integral part of this work that is done every class because it supports you.

To move feminine energy through your body: the meditation is slow, sensual, and devotional. 

To follow the pleasure and joy inside your body: how much pleasure can you move and contain in your body before dissipating it?   

To heal the split between the energy of your heart and your sexuality: Feel your heart and womb communicate with each other so you make more healthy choices in relationships and are more fed by both these power centers.  

To let go and surrender into living a more expanded and joyful life: trust and follow the energy that wants to move you. 

To not let self-consciousness and fear stop you, and to not let performer-consciousness drain you by always feeling you need to be “on.” This promotes deep rest at the same time as being deeply invigorating. 

3) Safe Witnessing

A powerful, feminine woman is comfortable with attention directed towards her. Many women are starving for healthy attention. Many of the practices are witnessed by another woman or the entire group in a safe and supportive way.

This is often the only way a woman can receive honest, valuable feedback as to how she is perceived. This challenges many women at first, but once they discover the ways to let go of self-consciousness, it is the most healing and empowering part of the class. 

Your purchase pass entitles you to 1 workshop. You will be taught the special FEMININE PRESENCE MEDIATION that is only included in full-day events or 6 Weekly Class Events. This workshop will start you on the journey to the Art of Feminine Presence™ practices and help you to learn how to connect to and stay more present in your Powerful Feminine Essence.