Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy Sessions - You are paying for personalized hypnosis sessions that may be delivered live, via videoconference, or by recording. Appointments are necessary for this and all other live therapeutic services. These hypnotherapy sessions are intended for personal healing and transformation purposes only.

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Hypnotherapy Sessions

Things to Know About Hypnosis

Despite its less-than-serious depiction in cartoons and movies, hypnosis can be an effective tool for therapy. Read on to learn more about the way hypnosis affects our conscious minds.

  • You aren’t unconscious under hypnosis. In fact, they are in a state of focused hyper-awareness. —
  • We all experience hypnosis every moment of the day:

—Driving and missing our stop - we were in hypnosis

—Watching a movie and losing track of time - we were in hypnosis.

—Playing video games, watching T.V., eating, exercising, day - dreaming, etc.

—Being stressed at work or home, being ill, medications, drugs and alcohol.

—Every time we go into our thoughts we are in hypnosis and every time we  come out of thoughts we come out of hypnosis; it'’s like breathing

  • Hypnosis does not make you act against your will. Although it is true that a hypnotized person will be more susceptible to suggestion, it’s simply not possible to force them to do something that they don’t want to do. 
  • The hypnotherapist can’t  make you (the client) do anything you wouldn’t ordinarily want to do. It can’t take away your own free will and choice.
  • Likewise, when battling a deep-set psychological issue such as a phobia or an addiction, hypnosis doesn’t work by reversing the client's unwanted thoughts but by gradually strengthening their resolve to silence them.

Innocence Smith is a Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner specializing in providing holistic lifestyle consulting services to high-achieving women who want work/life balance.

 Get Clear, Get Confident, and Get Going with Your Life from Your Core!

Innocence's method of hypnosis work includes individual sessions; virtual and teleconsultations (phone). Most therapeutic services are available by appointment only.