Feminine Mystique Course

Feminine Mystique is a 6-week, self-paced virtual course designed for those looking to deepen their understanding of their own individual feminine power and influence.

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Feminine Mystique Course

A 6-week virtual course designed for embodiment, presence and the feminine essence. Learn the experience of being present, settled, and at home in your physical and spiritual body. 

Erotic energy is powerful and can deeply impact a person’s mood, thoughts, and general state of being. Embodiment will takes you beneath your judgments about your body's imperfections as well as past wounds, hurts and self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

Only Innocence™ will help you break down barriers by giving you practical tools and wisdom that increases your  personal and professional relationship success. By the end of your experience working with Innocence, you can expect to feel an increased awareness and self-confidence around your relationship patterns and feminine essence.

Are you ready to work together to create the changes you desire?

  • Develop the embodiment skills that support a deeper connection to your feminine energy. 
  • Deepen your ability to connect with your personal influence.
  • Bring more confidence, presence, and connection to your body and your life.

Innocence will work with you to locate the keys that unlock the obstacles that are blocking your path to a more genuine intimate loving relationship with your true self and others. Innocence works closely with each client to develop a personal approach to exploring feminine issues and concerns in a holistic manner. This could include discussing everything from psychological barriers such as negative self body-image to relationship dynamics and fostering better communication skills to encourage you to identify where psychological impediments may be and how you can alter your approach to working with them.

Why Should You Take This Class?

  • Explore the hidden influences that shape your sexual identity, negative body image, and intimacy disconnection from yourself and others.
  • Discover your most authentic relationship with your body, your gender, your sensuality
  • Expand your body awareness and pleasure principles, and heal what inhibits or interrupts you being fully alive and comfortable in all parts of your body.
  • Learn to change and dramatically improve reconnect to your body, your authentic sexuality, your feminine essence and personal power.
  • Achieve greater intimacy with partners, potential partner, and improve your feminine presence.

By learning to make deep connections with your body, you will gain direct access to its wisdom and its extraordinary capacity for intimacy, creativity,healing, and life's pleasure.