Virtual Courses & Personal Development

"What's Stopping You?"

Mind-Body Medicine

Energy Therapies

I recently added two wonderful new instruments to my energy sound healing collection; a crystal harp and a Guda handspan drum.


Reiki Healing

You are paying for one (1) Usui Reiki Master Attunement Ceremony (i.e., a distance/online Reiki Session with Innocence Smith) on will be conducted after successful scheduling. Please read the following information carefully to ensure you are prepared for your ceremony.


Vibrational Energy Therapies

Vibrational Energy Therapies [Crystal Reiki, Quartz Crystal Meditations & Singing Bowl Meditations, Crystal Lyre Healing Sound Meditations]


Crystal Energy Attunement

Crystal Energy Attunement - You will receive 1 Non-touch (Distance) Vibrational Energy Healing Session. Crystal Crystal Energy Attunements are non-touch vibrational energy healing sessions {i.e., Natural Crystal Therapies and Quartz Crystal Vibrational Energy Therapy}. These sessions typically last between 45 to 60 minutes.


Know Body Energy Medicine Sessions

Know Body Energy Medicine Sessions - This is a self-paced virtual Feminine Erotic Energy Integration & Guided Feminine Embodiment training program that works with the emotional, energetic and physical roots of the body to help you come into a nourishing and relaxed state of feeling and living in your body. Experiential learning will be utilized in this class. Most virtual energy treatment sessions are conducted via Zoom live.


Personal Consultation Services & Specials

Conscious Lifestyle Consultation Package

Conscious Consulting packages offers you the space to go deeper and explore specific blocks/patterns/thoughts you may want to change. $700.00/12-week Pkg.


Private Monthly Consultation Packages

Private Monthly Consultation Packages - You are purchasing a package to receive 4 monthly consultation sessions (to be scheduled at your convenience; i.e., weekly or bi-weekly with this package option. It is the client's responsibility to confirm and cancel any and all appointment times with Innocence.


Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy Sessions - You are paying for personalized hypnosis sessions that may be delivered live, via videoconference, or by recording. Appointments are necessary for this and all other live therapeutic services. These hypnotherapy sessions are intended for personal healing and transformation purposes only.


1 hr. Private Consultation Sessions

1-hr. Private Consultation Sessions are available as a single service treatment or multiple-packages. Clients have the option to select from Zoom (virtual), phone, or face-to-face treatment sessions.


V.I.P. Access Programs

If Only™ Master Vibration Shift Program

Our signature 1-year transformative energy program designed to help you actualize your inner potential. $4500.00


VIP Consulting Sessions

Perhaps you feel the need for individualized attention. If you feel drawn to work with me in a much more personal way, then it’s important to listen to your inner voice. VIP Consulting Sessions are $150.00/session hour.



Art of Feminine Presence™ Intro Workshop

Art of Feminine Presence™ Intro Workshop - Join Certified Art of Feminine Presence™ Teacher, Innocence Smith for this 2.5 hour workshop and explore your relationship with the feminine through a series of physical and energetic practices. AFP classes return you to the relationship with yourself and your inherent feminine nature. You are paying for and will receive 1 workshop pass.


Half-Day Art of Feminine Presence™ Workshop

Half-Day Art of Feminine Presence™ Workshop - A workshop for women who are committed to their personal growth and want to increase their feminine energy and personal presence.


Full Day Art of Feminine Presence ™ Class

Full Day Art of Feminine Presence ™ Class - A full-day event for women who are committed to their personal growth and want to increase their feminine energy and personal presence.


Weekend Art of Feminine Presence™ Class

Weekend Art of Feminine Presence™ Class - Learn 1) The Essential Practices 2) The Feminine Presence Meditation™ (Supports moving feminine energy through your body; 3) Safe Witnessing (direct attention comfort exercises).


Art of Feminine Presence™6-Week Class

Art of Feminine Presence™6-Week Class - Delve deeper into the Sacred Art of Witnessing with this course! The 3 AFP components, the 22 initial practices, the Feminine Presence Meditation, and witnessing, are contained in this course.


Ms. Placed

Ms. Placed - A brief mindfulness-based workshop to help navigate disconnection from the self.


Trans - Women

Trans - Women is a 6-week transformational embodied womb meditation program for transition & flow.


Now, Next & Never Workshop

Now, Next & Never Workshop - A self-paced introspective workshop for women addressing how to work through periods of natural life transition & flow with grace & balance. This is a self-paced course. Successful course completion requires completion of a brief quiz.


Ms. Understandings

Ms. Understandings is a 6-week virtual life course was created to help women re-connect the channels physically, energetically, and spiritually back to your source essence.


Feminine Mystique Course

Feminine Mystique is a 6-week, self-paced virtual course designed for those looking to deepen their understanding of their own individual feminine power and influence.


A Conscious Journey

A Conscious Journey is a 6-week virtual course designed to leave with more awareness of your own intuition, your internal sublimations, what your subconscious is trying to tell you, and how it feels to work in harmony with universal consciousness!


Peace Officers Wellness Class

Peace Officers Wellness Class - This program offers FREE guided meditation classes for local civil servants such as police officers, fire fighters, first responders & paramedical professionals in the Conyers and Covington, GA areas. These classes are conducted via virtual participation. Pre-registration is required.


Feminine Well-Being Excursions & Retreats

Every Body Retreats: A Journey of Wants, Needs & Permission

We will examine the myths of feminine bodies that bring shame and guilt, release what inhibits and re-root vital living and loving through the body. We will focus on healing your relationship with your body, working from the premise that all thought is creative, will provide an opportunity to delve into and examine the roots of our relationships with our bodies to work on releasing our blocks to joy, abundance and all life.


A Journey of One

This is an uncommon opportunity for a private, customized single - or multi-day retreat in the environment and location of your choice. This is a uniquely intentional way to step out of your daily routine to focus the time and attention necessary to developing deeper insights into yourself while discovering better ways to cope with your most challenging situations.