Why Holistic Lifestyle & Well-Being Consulting Services?

Only Innocence™ Holistic Lifestyle & Well-Being Consulting: Helping You Bridge the Gaps Between Your Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Sexual Health.

"Learn to Be the Host of Happiness and the Guest of Gratitude." ~ Innocence Smith

So, what do you do?

As a holistic well-being consultant, I help women to assess and explore what is going on between their mental, physical, spiritual, and sexual bodies to facilitate whole-person balance and healing. I am a clinically trained Integrative Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner and Certified Holistic Sexologist.  I am also trained in Usui Reiki (non-touch healing), Clinical Aromatherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and the Art of Feminine Presence™ as a Certified Teacher.

Professional Services Include:

* Non-touch Energy Healing {Guided Hypnosis, Usui Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Personalized Aromatherapy, and Vibration Therapy}

* Mindfulness-Based Meditations {Guided Meditation and Guided Imagery, and Conscious Embodiment Training}

* Sexuality Consulting {Erotic Body Awareness & Sensation Training, & Sexual Health Education}

I recently added a wonderful new instrument to my sound healing collection, a quartz crystal harp. The quartz crystal tubes that create the sound have a very long sustain, giving it a dreamy quality that is very soothing to listen to. If you move the lyre around after striking it, the air moving through the vibrating crystal tubes creates interesting effects on the sound.

I work with clients via tele-consulting {Live Video & Phone Conferencing} by appointment only. I offer free 15-minute discovery (a getting to know you experience) sessions for those considering my services.

Innocence Smith,

Holistic Lifestyle & Well-Being Consultant/Sexologist/Ph.D Student 

Website: http://www.onlyinnocence.org

Phone: (678) 806-8445

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OWellMademoiselle/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/O_WellMademoiselle

Other: https://www.instagram.com/O_WellMademoiselle

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