What is Only Innocence™ Holistic Lifestyle Consulting

Only Innocence™ Holistic Lifestyle & Well-Being Consulting

"Doing Things Differently"

My name is Innocence Smith and I am a Certified Holistic Sexologist and Mind-Body Medicine Specialist. I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and am currently completing my Ph.D. In Integrative Medicine/Mental Health.  I am the C.E.O. of Only Innocence™ Holistic Lifestyle & Well-Being Consulting Services located in Conyers, GA.

My professional journey has been over 20 years in the making.  I specialize in providing therapeutic healing and transformative consulting services to high-achieving women who want work/ life balance.

Learn to Achieve Womb-Centered Personal/Professional Balance, Power & Presence

Only Innocence™ Holistic Lifestyle & Well-Being Consulting services offers a welcome space to help women of all backgrounds dissolve adopted barriers (this could be anything from negative self body-image to relationship dynamics and foster better communication skills) by encouraging identification of energetic blocks and impediments that will help connect with and embrace the infinite power of their unique feminine essence and personal presence.

My programs are open to women of all identities struggling with disconnection issues who are ready to become their most dynamic, powerful and true selves. My complimentary alternative medicine treatments and holistic consulting services founded on the integrative principles of Mind-Body-Medicine, Psychosynthesis, and Indigenous Healing. 

I train other women to embrace their feminine presence, power and purpose in their personal and professional lives. My professional goal is to offer safe, supportive, nurturing, and creative space women to accelerate their journey of self-discovery, self-appreciation, and self-care. I facilitate integrative journeys of self-empowerment for women so that they can live a consciously abundant and intentionally mindful life.

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