Let's Talk Turkey

I am grateful for the life lessons that I learned from wild turkeys 🦃 today. I find it interesting how we can take lessons that may influence our lives from even the smallest things. I had just finished watching a documentary about eagles and was still marveling over the love, care, and commitment that they display to their young when another film came up. I nearly changed the channel because this story was about turkeys but it did not take long for me to become intrigued by their story. 

The narrator of this film was a man who told his story about being a mother to a group of wild turkeys that he imprinted, hatch and raised from eggs until their eventual departure more than a year later. I was struck by the compassion and dedication of the narrator as well throughout this story. He focused more than a year of his life to these birds and cared for them as a surrogate parent {mother}. After a brief while, I found it easy to forget about his gender and focus on how tender he was with these wild ones. #It was such a touching experience to witness the relationship between this human being and these fowl. He gave me a whole new meaning to being at one with nature.

I am glad that I did not give in to my initial pre-judgements and vanity of thinking "what could I possibly learn about life from a bunch of wild turkeys?" or what could I learn about being a mother from a man? The answer was quite a lot! There are valuable lessons to be learned from everything on this planet. We are not above or below anything, we are in relationship with all life. I discovered that wild turkeys have their own distinctive language just the same as most plants and animals do. Who knew that wild turkeys were so intelligent, curious, compassionate, social, and conscious? Certainly not I. Surprisingly, they are capable of rationalization, complex communication, a range of emotions including joy, grief, and an appreciation for life.

Today, I discovered that you can learn a lot about life and consciousness from observing the lives of wild turkeys. If you pay attention to the lives of wild turkeys, you can also learn how to enhance and enrich your life and be at one with the universe trusting in the power of now because the truth is that the future is a fallacy. The truth is that past moments are gone and can not be recaptured and the future hasn't presented itself yet; the only thing that is certain is this moment right here right now and what you choose to do with it. I am grateful that I had this opportunity talk turkey with you today.

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