Holistic Well-Being Excursions & Feminine Retreats

Only Innocence™ Feminine Well-Being Excursions & Retreats will help you focus on healing the relationships between you, your spirit, and your body. Delve into the roots of your relationships with yourself and others while working on releasing the blocks to your joy, abundance and a more satisfying life.

Long term suppression of one's true feelings and neglect of one's inherent  energy leads to an unfulfilling life, often wrecked with anxiety, stress, depression, or even illness in the most feminine parts of our body. You will learn to start to heal inhibitions & negative feelings that you carry around in your body. This experience will allow you to share your personal experiences and support others walking along the same path in a safe a and nurturing manner. 

Only Innocence™ Consulting would like you to know that your personal stories are honorable to us and we will never disclose your private information without explicit permission with anyone outside of our classes, workshops or retreats.

Excursion Practices

*Experiential techniques from body-centered psychotherapy to get in touch with our bodies and uncover our infinite truth, to heal psycho-emotional wounds, and release limiting patterns and blockages.
*Psycho-spiritual group process to empower ourselves by taking responsibility for ways we unconsciously suppress our full potential; and to take on challenges that support our new ways of being.
*Sensual body movements to cultivate and channel sexual energy for healing and rejuvenation.
*Guided meditation to calm and focus our mind for deep self inquiry.
*Meditation and visualization to open and connect to our Divine Self; and to accept and nurture every aspect of our being.
*Addressing body shame and increasing self awareness.
*Checkout and farewell process will include a poem and chanting Om.

Retreat passes are required for group sessions such as brief excursions, and retreats. Brief excursions are typically scheduled as full day events with a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 6 hours of training. Retreat fees do not include meals or traveling expenses.

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