Feminine Energy Closeness Practices

Divine Feminine Energy Closeness Practices

Practices to draw yourself closer to the energy of the Divine Feminine:


The Divine Feminine is a part of us all.

Honoring and connecting to the Divine Feminine is an act of worship, not only to oneself but also to the Divine Mother — the essence of all creation and the God of your own distinct understanding of the universe. It is a sacred connection to Mother Earth and to the very energy of giving birth … to ideas, expressions, dreams, life, and existence. 


1. Earthing.

Connecting the soles of our feet to the earth is known as Earthing. This practice can be very calming and be grounding as it helps to rebalance us; especially for women. Tapping into the inherent Divine feminine channel within, this practice of joining bare feet with Mother Earth is so essential to our overall well-being. 

2. Use more Organic/Natural Materials.

Try to incorporate more natural/organic materials in your home, life, and work atmosphere to help uplift your mood. Mix elements of Earth, The Wind, and Fire such as wood, stone, crystals, metals, glass, shells, bone, horn, fur, candles, plants, Zen gardens, lava rocks, fountains, Himalayan Salt products (lamps, cooking blocks, etc.). 


3. Commune with Nature and the Divine Femininity.

Learn to commune with nature and how to make one's own body a conduit of Divine energy. This is a palpable way to connect to the vibration of Divine Femininity. 

4. Tap into the power of healing crystals.

Crystals are not just a component of modern day alternative medicine. They have been used for centuries to promote wellness and healing. 

5. Tune into the lunar cycle.

Pay attention to where the Moon is in her transit and also in your chart. 

Know when the new moon occurs and learn how to respond (intention setting, quieting, going inward), when the full moon is coming (amplified energy, manifestation of intentions, highly vibrational). Paying mind to the solstices, equinoxes, eclipses and astrological influences on the moon, can deepen your connection to the sacred Feminine. 

5. Practice Radical Self-Care.

Treat your inner Priestess and Warrior like royalty! Journal your dreams and fears and intentions, sip tea and read a good book to unwind. Do whatever feels good to your soul. Anything that feels delicious and nourishing to your spirit, do that. 

6. Celebrate the Beauty in All Things.

Try to recognize beauty everywhere. Create beauty wherever you go. 

Create a sacred sanctuary in your home; it does not matter if this is a corner or an entire room. Devote this space to beauty and the practice of mindful presence. Give your sanctuary texture, color and fragrance. Try using hues of red, pink, purple, silver, or gold to imbue the space with femininity and sensuality. White and gold draw the essence of Divine Light into your space. Embrace and honor the ancient tradition of adornment as means of celebration, rather than ego. Let beauty feed your senses. 

7. Construct Altars Wherever You Are.

Whether it's your traditional altar, your bedside night table, your work desk, the front of your yoga mat or practice space, the dinner table, your backyard … the options are endless. Consecrate your immediate space by making it a sacred space.

Try using crystals, trinkets, jewelry, Mala beads, or natural stones — use whatever calls to your Spirit. Bless your space. Set intentions for your altar to serve a purpose for you (e.g., blessing a bedside altar with the intention for peaceful, relaxing dreams). Invite the Divine Feminine into your realm at every turn, wherever you are. Let her healing vibration balance you, nourish you and sustain you. You carry this energy within you everywhere you go. 

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