Ashe & Sankofa

Only Innocence™ V.I.P. Consulting Programs are founded on the integrative, ancestral African principles of Ashe & Sankofa for balance, prosperity and the fullness of life.

[Traditional Sankofa Symbol]
Ashe ( ah-SHAY, also Ase) Ase (or às̩e̩ or ashe) is a West African philosophical concept through which the Yoruba of Nigeria meaning power, command, and authority; the power to make things happen and produce change. The ability to make whatever one says happen. Often summarized as “so be it”, “so it is”, or “it definitely shall be so.
Sankofa is an African word from the Akan tribe in Ghana.  The literal translation of the word and the symbol is “it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind.”

[Original image credit~ Donna Lee  Bowden Kerr]
As a Mind-Body-Medicine Specialist, Innocence offer a safe, supportive, nurturing, and creative space women to accelerate their journey of self-discovery, self-appreciation, and self-care. Only Innocence™ Consulting uses the principles of Ashe & Sankofa to train women to embrace their feminine presence, power and potential in their personal and professional lives.

Don't wait for a crisis to occur in your life to take action; learn to access your best self consistently!

Our business logo is a take on the original Sankofa bird. The sankofa bird was transformed into a peacock looking to the past (looking behind itself) for wisdom (which was originally symbolized by the egg on the bird's back)  to represent self pride and confidence. For me, the peacock also symbolizes beauty and a contentment with the self. The female peacocks are known to be very protective about their young ones.

Peacocks are associated with openness, as they tend to display all their feathers when they spread their tail. Peacocks also eat poisonous plants, which symbolizes immortality, and they have the ability to thrive in the face of suffering. They also symbolize purity, hence their feathers are often used in Buddhist purification ceremonies.

It has also been said that the Peacock is the earthly manifestation of the phoenix. The feathers are talismans to protect the wearer from accidents, poisoning, diseases, and other disasters. For this reason the Peacock feather represents immortality, and can absorb negative energies, protecting those who wear them. Just like the phoenix those who wear the Peacock feather can rise from the ashes.

[Only Innocence™ business logo]

Self pride is quite different from vanity. The egg that is traditionally located on the back of located on the bird's back was replaced by the international Sankofa symbol in my logo. Not only is there wisdom in learning from the past to build the future but we should reach back and gather the best of what our past has to teach us, so that we can achieve our full potential as we move forward. 

In every aspect of life – personal, spiritual, business, professional, whatever, you cannot move forward until you’ve looked back and absorbed where you’ve been. The Peacock feathers remind us that the Divine is compassionately watching over us always. For these reasons,  I had a professionally designed logo that adopted the traditional Sankofa bird to represents dignity, self-confidence, consciousness, vision, spirituality, guidance and protection.

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