A Journey of One

A Journey of One

A Journey of One

A Journey of One - Personalized Retreats for Women

If you are a millennial woman that is willing to step away from your hectic schedule long enough to change your life from "good" to "phenomenal," then join Innocence for a inspiring and enlightening personal journey.

Innocence offers you an uncommon opportunity for a private, customized single- or multi-day retreat in the environment and location of your choice. This is a uniquely intentional way to step out of your daily routine to focus the time and attention necessary to developing deeper insights into yourself while discovering better ways to cope with your most challenging situations. 

Innocence offers a variety of guided retreats, women's retreats, as well as Reiki treatments and training, meditation instruction and together, we choose the location, setting and the duration. With my blend of life coaching techniques and mindfulness instruction as a foundational practice, you receive my undivided attention as we work together to help you reduce stress and gain clarity. 

An intensive, personalized retreat is a highly effective platform for making the significant life changes you desire, while also creating momentum to support your ongoing, inner work.

Innocence Smith provides personal retreats for women throughout the world. Explore your life’s purpose and nurture your soul with a private wellness retreat. Combining the best of a multi-faceted meditation retreat with private feminine presence counseling, positive psychology, creative expressive arts, sacred ritual and personal medicine walks in nature. 

Innocence has conducted personalized retreats with her clients in environments that range from the ordinary to the extreme: backyard gardens, urban environments, luxury resorts, the mountain wilderness, and nearly everything in between. 

The activities you can do while working with her as your facilitator also run the gamut, from sitting and talking quietly, to walking casually, to sharing a meal in a public place, to hiking a trail, to engaging in strenuous mountaineering. Together, you will co-create the agenda and choose the location(s) based on your circumstances and how deeply you would like to go.

Learn to relax tightly held patterns that manifest in the body, breath, and mind. Learn sacred awareness practices that cultivate new insights and deeper compassion both for yourself and others. Awaken to your full feminine potential. 

Get ready to

  • Take control of your thoughts and quiet your mind
  • Understand how we co-create with our thoughts
  • Produce positive thinking
  • Pose high confidence
  • Create consistent happiness
  • Achieve spiritual wholeness 
  • Create self awareness
  • Replace negative thoughts with thoughts of presence and love
  • Add these techniques to your life effortlessly

Faith: Open to All


All of Innocence's professional approaches are natural extensions of the way she has lived her own life. She have explored the inner, spiritual world through spiritual and meditation practices, and through studying for extended periods in meditation centers, and spiritual houses in various parts of the world. 

Over her many years of experience as a meditator and private consultant, mindfulness retreats have proven to be exceptionally effective in helping clients establish a mindfulness practice.

Average Cost: Since these retreats are private and customized in close collaboration with each client, the cost depends on the location(s) chosen, any required travel, your desired accommodations, the duration of the retreat, and other details. 

A $300 deposit is required to reserve your personalized Journey of One

Innocence encourages you to Contact Her Today to discuss specific costs and other details.

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