A Different Approach to Women's Wellness

A holistic/integrative therapeutic approach is an important aspect of providing high quality care focused on meeting a client's individual needs. A holistic therapeutic approach should take into consideration the overall health of the client, including their physical, psychological, social, sexual, and spiritual well-being. This is why the biopsychosocial holistic/integrative therapeutic approach is used by Only Innocence™ Holistic Lifestyle and Well-Being Consulting Services. Person-centred care necessitates that practitioners learn more about the client as an individual, together with a better understanding of the patient’s personal meanings, experiences and attitudes.

In order to be whole(e.g., to have whole-person or holistic health and well-being), we must live as multi-dimensional beings living in essence. This means to live more by faith and intuition as by sight. Everything that impacts our health and well-being can not been seen, but it can be felt on some level. 

Most individuals are aware that regular exercise, nutritional eating, and managing excessive stress can keep them healthy. Many of these same individuals often forget about the importance of social, spiritual, and sexual health. Mind-Body Medicine and HolisticLifestyle & Well-Being Consulting helps individuals learn to tap into the subtle properties of healthy and balanced living. 

A biographical approach enables practitioners to gain a better understanding of the individual client by providing knowledge which may directly influence decisions made about appropriate care. Only Innocence™ provides a safe, supportive, nurturing, and creative space for women to accelerate their journey of self-discovery, self-appreciation, and self-care. 

As a HolisticLifestyle & Well-Being Consultant (i.e., a Holistic/Integrative/AlternativeHealth Practitioner), I help individuals understand how their mental, physical, spiritual, sexual, and social health are connected. 

Knowing these relationships is only one part of the equation because as humans, we are 3-dimensional beings but we often forget this  and get caught up in trying to live only in the physical realm.

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