A Conscious Healing Space

You are a Healer!

Healing is continuous and it is up to you to be an active participant.



This session is designed for those who are seeking immediate relief of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges but prefer to work at their own pace. 

In person or via online chat

Techniques Used: Usui Reiki Healing, Crystal Reiki Healing, Holistic Psychology Consulting, Psychosynthesis, Guided Meditation, Vibrational Energy Medicine, and Aromatherapy.

Details: Individual 90-minute session(s) for $150. 

After-care: Self-care plan for at home.



A focused experience to address the root cause of your most pressing concern. Release the negative energy around the current situation to activate the positive energy within you that will lead to better decision-making and outcomes. 

Therapeutic Format: In person or via online chat

Techniques Used: Reiki Healing, CrystalHealing, Chakra Balancing, Sound Healing, Holistic Psychology Counseling, Meditation and Aromatherapy

Details: Six (6) weekly or bi-weekly 90-minute sessions for a discounted rate. Payment plan available, ask me for specific details.

After-care: Guided meditations, self-care plan for at home and email support.


POLICY: You will receive a reminder 24-hours prior to your appointment to confirm, reschedule or cancel. Please allow for a minimum of 48-hours before your scheduled appointment time to fill out your required intake forms and to allow for a review of your submitted files. Payment for individual session(s) due a minimum of 24-hours prior to the appointment time. Packages must be pre-paid. Cash, major debit/credit cards and PayPal accepted.



My therapies and techniques are considered alternative, holistic or complementary medicine. I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe medication for ailments, illnesses or diseases that are physical or psychological. Please seek advice from a licensed medical professional.  



I can help you bring healing into your daily life. 

Om Conscious Care Packages

How would you like to receive a thoughtfully curated inspirational care package that comes to your home once a month to remind you to take a breath and connect with yourself, other consciously connected women from around the globe, and mother earth? 

Only Innocence's Om-Conscious Care Packages areexciting gifts to receive and open. Each package is consciously crafted, curated and created to help promote specific healing needs featuring blissfully feminine healing treats such as organic gemstones, hand crafted essential oil elixirs, organic & wild-crafted body balms, guided meditations, up-cycled inspirational art messages, and other spiritual delicacies that are in keeping with the specific month. This unique box is a wonderful way to treat yourself. 


It is so fun to open a package that has all these delightful goodies! The Om-Conscious Care Package is a spiritual care package lovingly put together to give inspiration and comfort, helping you stay on track with your positive intentions.


Om Conscious by Innocence offers sound indigenous healing alternatives such as Aroma Reiki and working with a Curated Crystal Collection. These self-care packages require a little time and effort on your part, but the transformational rewards can be great as you bring yourself closer to balance and harmony, clarity, and wellness!


Be Your Own Healer begins with a 20-30 minute in-person or virtual Spiritual Consulting session. After we talk, I intuitively recommend either an Aroma Reiki or a Curated Crystal Collection.


For Aroma Reiki, I select specific essential oils that will support your emotional, physical, or spiritual needs. Each blend is combined in a 10ML roller bottle, and thenlovingly infused with Reiki energy to amplify its intention. (These essences are extremely potent so a little goes a long way.) Your special blend will be mailed with instructions for use. I always keep your unique recipe so additional blends can be ordered separately (although keep in mind that theyare hand-blended and so may differ slightly from batch-to-batch).


The process is the same with the Om Conscious Curated Crystal Collections. I will select a combination of crystals, infuse them with Reiki Energy, and explain how you can work with these at home. Curated Crystal Collections are also available to purchase separately.


We will follow up together to check in and answer any questions you might have.



A Full Reiki and Crystal Reiki Healing session is a journey together. We begin this journey with Spiritual Consulting and discuss your energetic needsin a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space. 

Our journey typically continues with crystal healing. With you lying fully clothed on a comfortable space of your choice, I begin to build a crystal grid by placing crystals directly onto your etheric body using a representative map of your body such as the one pictured below. 

I intuitively select and place each crystal according its properties and how it interacts with your energy fields. These crystals prepare you to receive Reiki energy by beginning to open and balance your energy centers (chakras). I term this as a energy soak.


After the crystals are laid out, I deliver Reiki Energy to you by placing my hands on and/or near your etheric body. In combination with the crystals, the Reiki works on a deeper level to shift energy, cut cords with old emotions and patterns that no longer serve you, and create new pathways toward your wellness.


I also incorporate Aroma Reiki to further harmonize and balance your mind, body, and spirit.


When used together, the crystals, Reiki, and Aroma Reiki are a dynamic trio. Sometimes I invoke other techniques to clear deep-rooted energy patterns. In these instances, follow-up sessions may be recommended.


We end our journey together by briefly talking about your session.You will receive  a crystal or essential oil sample that is specific to your needs by mail so that you can Learn to Be Your Own Healer at home.

The above-described is a typical session. Since I work intuitively, there is no set protocol so each session may differ according to your needs. 


*Legal Disclaimer

Please be advised that I am not a licensed medical professional (nor do I promote myself as such) and I do not make medical or psychological diagnoses. Please seek out traditional medical or psychological care if you have a serious condition. If you are under medical care, please seek the advice of your Doctor before using my professional services.

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