Group Excursions & Retreats

Group Excursions & Retreats

Feminine Well-Being Excursions & Feminine Retreats

Only Innocence™ Feminine Well-Being Excursions & Retreats will help you focus on healing the relationships between you, your spirit, and your body. Delve into the roots of your relationships with yourself and others while working on releasing the blocks to your joy, abundance and a more satisfying life.

Our eco-feminine excursions and retreats are designed to create a safe and sacred healing space for women to explore their mental, physical, and spiritual health. You will learn to find your way back to your truest self, to identity and release unconscious patterns of living that no longer serve you, and to rediscover the inherent vitality, joy and peace that can only be found within. Only by tapping into this inner source of love and abundant energy, instead of depending on outside circumstances, can you experience true fulfillment. 

In this process, not only will you learn to heal yourself, but you will learn how your personal healing contributes to the healing of the world. We circle together to share knowledge, love and celebration for our feminine essence and presence while dismantling cultural misinformation and shame about women’s power.

You Will:

  • Discover the depths of  your powerful and sensual self.
  • Learn vital information  to help improve your body intelligence and overall well-being.
  • Have the space to talk about healthy sexuality with a community of like minded women.
  • Have fun, feel liberated, feel empowered.

All of our Holistic Lifestyle Well-Being Excursions are brief escapes in which we teach you to focus on healing the relationships between you and your mind, body, and spirit. 

Join me and many others just like you but you must hurry, because participant space is always limited to small groups of 6 to 10.


Please remember to bring notebooks & pens. Also, remember to wear comfortable clothes. We require that you bring a willingness to be honest and loving with yourself in this sacred space.