Discovery Sessions

Discovery Sessions

Complimentary Discovery Sessions

This FREE 15-minute Discovery Session is for new clients only. These sessions are intended to be a chance to ‘get to know you’ and your situation; it is not a consulting session. This meeting gives the consultant a brief opportunity to evaluate your fit or to give you a referral to another professional in your area prior to committing to the full therapeutic process.

Why Holistic Assessments?

Holistic assessment is an important aspect of providing high quality care focused on meeting a client's individual needs. A holistic assessment should take into consideration the overall health of the client, including their physical, psychological, social, sexual, and spiritual well-being. This is the primary logic for the use of the holistic assessment model in our Discovery Sessions.

What Should You Expect?

This type of work can be transformational for your whole life. By trusting the process and allowing me to be your guide, you will grow, learn, and become a more empowered person in unimaginable ways.

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