If Only™ Master Vibration Shift Program

Our signature 1-year transformative energy program designed to help you actualize your inner potential. $4500.00

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If Only™ - A Master Vibration Shift Program

Learn to master your resistance to change

Discover the transformative potential of focused surrender

Where Do You Want To Have More Success in Life? 

Business | Career 


I want to attract more of my ideal clients and get paid well to do what I love. I am committed to helping you present yourself in the very best way possible.

Community | Leadership 


I want GREATER IMPACT to be a leader that inspires positive change in my community.

Relationships | Love Life 


I want to ignite the passion in my life and have more emotional intimacy.

You will be lead through powerful exercises on strength, resilience and creative expression in our signature 1-year transformative energy program designed to help you actualize your inner potential. When you dedicate yourself to a regular practice of holistic well-being, you increase your abilities to realize major shifts in the possibilities of your life. 

  •     Master your resistance to change and heal broken relationships.
  •     Discover the exponential potential of focused surrender.

Innocence's  method of work includes individual sessions; virtual and teleconsultations  (phone). Innocence currently offers clients 1:1 consultation sessions, small group programs, and transformational retreats. Services are available by appointment only.