Every Body Retreats: A Journey of Wants, Needs & Permission

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Every Body Retreats: A Journey of Wants, Needs & Permission

Every woman's body is unique in size, shape, biological dimensions, physiology, and metaphysical composition.

Topics covered will include healthy sexuality, dialoging with the Self, forgiveness exercises and working with affirmations to counteract negative emotional beliefs and personal lies. Embodimed sexuality (i.e., physical movement) exercises will be included during this excursion experience. Innocence would like you to know that your personal stories are honorable to us and we will never disclose your private information without explicit permission with anyone outside of our classes, workshops or excursions.

Every woman's body is unique in size, shape, biological dimensions, physiology, and metaphysical composition. As women, our bodies are our mediums and very often, this causes self consciousness, hang-ups & inhibitions that lead to self judgment. Women are quick to judge themselves much more harshly than the world does.

We will examine the myths of feminine bodies that bring shame and guilt, release what inhibits and re-root vital living and loving through the body. We will focus on healing your relationship with your body, working from the premise that all thought is creative, will provide an opportunity to delve into and examine the roots of our relationships with our bodies to work on releasing our blocks to joy, abundance and all life.

We will explore the masculine/feminine radiance in every woman's relationship with her beautiful, unique self. We will also look at how the effects of social factors and media, such as peers and parents on us in relation to our body image, body dissatisfaction can impact our sexuality. You will explore the history of your unique relationship with your own body. You will learn powerful ways to re-familiarize yourself with the preciousness of your unique nature.

Confidence is built upon trusting your unique inner voice. Your sense of body appreciation arises through connection with your own mind, heart, and spirit. So much of our everyday focus lies in doing, this day offers space to rest in feeling and being. Learn how to deprogram from these beliefs and celebrate how unique and wonderful woman that you are. Through this healing naturally arises.

Participants should be prepared to bear witness to, and possibly share their own related personal experiences. Facilitators trained in self-help/co-counseling will be present to support participants and to share healing resources. By the end of the experience, our hope is that participants will leave with their spirits polished like river stones emboldened to act on their shared knowledge and motivated to pursue feminine healing within other communities.